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Specials, Discounts, Kids Rates, Deals


Group Discounts

For large groups the following discounts will be subtracted from the trip price:
8 people = 5%
10 people = 10%


Kids Rates

Children 10 years and younger travel free at the rate of one child per 4 adults, 2 children per 8 adults, etc. Typically these children will travel as a passenger in a canoe with 2 adults. Additional children, beyond the ratio of 4 adults to one child, will receive a 10 percent discount, and will also typically travel as passengers in a canoe with 2 adults.


Early Booking Discounts

Any trip booked prior to January 1st will receive a discount of 5%. This discount can be applied on top of other discounts, an will be calculated on the net trip rate after the first discount is applied.